Pauline Jacquemier
Energy Painting


Open our Hearts, to deepen Harmony.

That’s what I am about ! 

I paint to put Consciousness into matter, to bring Light into our lives and reach into the part of ourselves that we have left in the shadows.

By intuitively letting my brushes and colors follow my heart, I make ‘Energy paintings’. They emanate energy that reaches the viewers, for us to connect to our inner Source.

And the more aligned with our inner Being we are, the easier it is for us to create and move forward to manifest a New Earth!

As my intention is to bring the Light of Consciousness into life, I start from a meditative state, which can be directed on a specific theme or open. I seldom know what the painting is going to look like in the end of the process. Then I start painting, letting my intuition choose the colors and brushes and how to apply them on the canvas. Usually my paintings are done in one session, some take more time.


Practical details

My paintings are mostly abstract; bright acrylic colors on canvas, medium sized (typical canvas size: 16inx 20in). They quite often include symbols and geometric forms. The colors include silver, gold and glittering varnish, which make them changeable to the eye given the position of the viewer and the light available.

I live in Magog, QC, Canada. I can send your artwork by mail.



  All that I am